Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones: Massive Sound, Tiny Buds

via Gizmodo

OK, I admit it – I’m a sucker for really good ear buds. But these bad boys are off the chain: Read More >>

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TOM THE DANCING BUG: George Lucas Revises The Decade Since 9/11

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Help Me Achieve Immortality: Find Shag’s “The Vulture” Zippo

OK, I’m finally going to admit itI need your help. Starting a dozen years ago, the infamous (and now, alas, defunct) Flame Rite produced an amazing series of  Zippo® lighters by over 20 of the most cutting-edge “lowbrow” artists of the day, including Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup, Coop, Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant), W Kelley Lucas and the poster boy of the movement, Shag.

In late 2002, Flame Rite introduced The Signature Series – an ultra-collectible line of limited to ultra-limited runs in specially packaged editions that were signed and numbered by the artist. The first one released was Shag’s “The Vulture,” pictured above. The edition of 100 was released and immediately vanished.

I’ve been looking for “The Vulture” ever since. I’ve collected multiples of all the other Shag releases throughout the intervening years, including his second limited-edition “Tikipus,” but the Holy Grail of collectible  Zippo’s® has eluded me.

After a decade, I have come to accept that I cannot do this alone.  I need intervention, divine or otherwise, and your assistance if I am ever to find peace. Please help me find “The Vulture.”

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Dish Network’s Tailgater =”s Portable Satellite TV, But It Won’t Cool Your Beer

via Engadget

When it comes to refrigerating beer and grilling burgers, you’re on your own. If you’re looking for satellite television in … Read More >>

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Seven Independent Coffee Roasters

via Cool Hunting

Thanks to coffee culture spreading far and wide—from Portland’s Stumptown to Chicago’s Intelligentsia—the appeal of independent … Read More >>

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Classic Prints Modified To Tell Ghastly Alternate History

via Boing BoingMatthew Buchholz has a great Etsy store where he sells modified classic prints that tell the story of a horrific alternate … Read More >>

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Skype For iPad Now Officially Official

via AllThingsD

After a couple of false starts, Skype officially launches the iPad app for its video and voice calling service. Among its … Read More >>

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