Buy Me Presents

Hello, and thank you for clicking on the Michael Farver Buy Me Presents page, which can connect you with my Amazon personal Wish List.

I know at first blush it may seem a bit (?) self-indulgent and extremely selfish of me to actually think that someone might want to buy me something, and even more crass on my part to provide a list of suggestions to facilitate that process, but this is not really something new or out of character.  I have a long history of providing exactly this type of information to family, friends and even strangers about what I like, don’t like, want and could do without. The process goes back to strings of ignored Christmas Wish Lists, Birthday disappointments and a general run of bad gifts that were painful to all parties involved… So I decided that I could make my life, and the life of everyone else who participated in a purchase on my behalf, a lot easier and less stressful if I took the extra time and effort to specify that not only did I, or did I not, desire a specific something, but that I only wanted it in a certain size, color, configuration, etc. I made things even easier by tossing in additional insight, as in “Oh by the way, you can buy exactly what I listed at this store/location for this price.”

Creating such lists over the years has been tedious, to say the least, although I have been amply rewarded by not having to deal very often with unwanted or unneeded presents, bad art, piles of clothing that I would never wear, board games I would never play, personal electronics that are not Apple in nature, or some butt-ugly and useless something that offended my sensibilities and left both the giver and the receiver (me) disillusioned and disappointed.

So that’s why this Amazon List thing rocks. Once again, technology has come to the rescue, and I can consolidate and centralize all my “likes” in one place. And I’m not limited to the few items carried by Amazon – I can add to my wish list from any web site anywhere. Ain’t life sweet? I feel better than James Brown. Anyone and everyone who is the least bit interested in adding to my lifelong fascination with “stuff” can shop in comfort, secure in the knowledge that they are connecting with me in a very real, personal and rewarding way. The givers are happy, the receiver (me)  is happy, and all is right within the great cosmic order of things.

So knock yourselves out (figuratively, not literally. I mean, if you actually “knocked yourself out,” you couldn’t shop for anything for me). My Amazon Wish List awaits you HERE.

Oh, and just as a reminder in order to make the experience more pleasant for all of us –   When you get to the “Choose a shipping address” page, be sure to click the “Ship to this address” button above Michael Farver. And thanks – I love what you got me. It’s just what I wanted.

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