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A Schedule to Keep

In 1997, flying to Europe, I came across what I thought was another one of those “time-waster” stories in an otherwise-forgettable inflight magazine. At first glance, it seemed light and fluff-filled, but when I finished, I found myself carefully tearing … Continue reading

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No, Viriginia, There Isn’t a Santa Clause. Really. No Matter What the Man Says. Word.

In keeping with the time-honored tradition of mainstream media re-running that whack “Letter about Santa Clause” every year by some obviously hallucinating young girl (yeah, right) named Virginia, I thought I would continue my own tradition, started in 1991, of … Continue reading

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Bow Down and Worship T. M. Shine

For a number of years, I had the unique privilege to work with T. M. Shine, one of the most amazing and talented writers I ever dealt with in 16 years in the publishing business. I just re-read, for the … Continue reading

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Diamonds are Forever … More from Papa Smurf

Who needs fancy platitudes? Here’s the next in an on-going series of life observations by my whack friend Rusty Diamond, or, as we who faced raging Class VI whitewater together, and survived, know him as – Papa Smurf. “The only … Continue reading

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In a Perfect World: What the Web Version of the Front Page of the NY Times COULD look like

Thanks to dear friend Lori Gold for turning me on to this “perfect World” NY Times dream front page. Incredibly detailed and reproduced down to the last detail with working links and click-through stories…This is totally righteous! And thanks to … Continue reading

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Shrinking Economy Strains Food Banks –

There are days when the news seems so bleak that you question the value of your commitment to the cause… Another real world example of the “people impact” of tax cuts, trickle down economic policies, and eight years of a … Continue reading

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Obey This: Get the Poster

To those of you who picked up on the iconic Obama portrait that Shepard Fairey (of Obey Giant fame) created for the campaign, it’s time to dig into your pockets again and celebrate the election outcome with your very own … Continue reading

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