Tweetsgiving 2010 – Epic Change Returns

Epic Change has returned with their “Epic Thanks” campaign as the centerpiece of “Tweetsgiving 2010.” Last year, participants were asked to list what they were thankful for. In looking back, I discovered my own post from 2009, and was struck by how many of those same names, faces, and organizations still top my gratitude list in 2010. So I’m going to repeat them- with a special emphasis on #18 – I’m grateful for my family and you, each of my special friends, who give me the drive to get up every day and try to make a difference. The fight to make sure no child goes to bed hungry continues. Thank you for your support!

1. Grateful for Christine Carroll and her Culinary Corps. Providing volunteer experiences for chefs, cooks, etc., changing their world and making a difference.
2.Grateful for the many years American Express has supported the hunger fight! Too much to list!
3. Grateful for the amazing work and support of Food Resource and Action Center (FRAC) in the childhood hunger fight.
4. Grateful for Carrie Welch (Twitter) and the leadership @ the Food Network for their commitment to end child hunger.
5. Grateful for Domino Sugar (Twitter) and their commitment to helping end childhood hunger.
6. Grateful for the staff and volunteers of FLIPANY. Leading the Operation Frontline efforts in South Florida, they totally rule.
7. Grateful to all of you out there who have seized the moment & made social media a change engine for good in the world. That means you, Epic Change!
8. Grateful for the unselfish, amazing work of Tim Blair @ HungerNoMore and Twitter for Food.
9. Grateful for social media visionaries like John Haydon. He’s never too busy to help out!
10. Grateful for the Governmental support shown for various Federal nutrition programs. The facts show that a major increase across all programs is needed. Stand up and demand the passage of the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act! You can contact your member of Congress and take action through the following links: FRAC, Feeding America, or Florida Impact.
11. Grateful to all the Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc. followers of End Childhood Hunger who inspire and encourage all of us. Together, we will end hunger by 2015!
12. Grateful for the donors and sponsors who helped my nonprofit, End Childhood Hunger, raise $1,000′s to feed South Florida kids over the last two years. Words fail me.
13.Grateful for the Food Bank heros across the country who are facing incredible odds every day. You are all so inspiring!
14. Grateful for the South Florida volunteers helping End Childhood Hunger make a difference on the street.
15. Grateful to have worked on South Florida’s Taste of the Nation for 16 years. Nationwide, millions of $’s raised by 1,000′s of people.
16. Grateful for Billy Shore and all the visionaries @ Share Our Strength. Ending childhood hunger by 2015!
17. Grateful for Tyson Foods leaders and my friend Ed Nicholson  You are making an amazing difference! Thank you!
18. Grateful for my family and you, each of my special friends, who give me the drive to get up every day and try to make a difference.
19. Grateful to be able to post this. Again.
20. Grateful for Share our Strength’s Great American Dine Out. $’s for hunger!
21. Grateful to have brought a dozen friends, family and a few strangers together today to share thanks and blessings.
22.Grateful to have the chance to be, in a very small way, a part of the solution.
23. Grateful I have never lived in fear, or without love. And that I choose to try to help those who have, and have lived without.
24. Grateful for Ezra Krieg. You inspire me, my friend.
25.Grateful to be blessed with more good in my life than I could ever reduce to this one group of 30. Or 100.
27. Grateful for Jeff Swartz and all the amazing Timberland folks. Visionary and committed. Lucky to know him.
28. Grateful to have served as a volunteer with all the amazing Share Our Strength staff.  17 years of inspiration.
29. Grateful to all my chef friends and those in hospitality community who are continually giving so much to hunger fight. Definition of unselfishness.
30. Finally, to lighten it up, I’m grateful for Italy in general, Tuscany in particular, and Borgo di Vagli to escape to.

About Michael Farver

Ex-print media publisher & art/design guru turned passionate social activist; semi-pro chef, writer, photographer, artist, trained handler of championship Dobermans and licensed firearms expert. I split up the hours of my day serving as a spokesperson and advocate for U.S. childhood hunger solutions, as a Dad, as a Husband, and when things get too intense, I travel the country following the latest reincarnation of the Black Crowes. I'm the Immediate Past President of the Board of Florida Impact, the state’s senior legislative public policy advocacy organization, serve on the board of directors of the South Florida Hunger Coalition and Women in Distress of Broward County, am a Trustee and Director of the Farver Foundation, direct a grassroots child hunger nonprofit in South Florida and also lead XS Media Ventures, a multi-media event, promotion, business incubator, new business startup and redevelopment consulting company. I'm into everything from modern art, tiki and pop surrealism to wine collecting to vintage guitars to all things touching, and touched by, technology. For starters.
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