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Tom the Dancing Bug: Billy Dare – Subtle Racism?

via Boing Boing

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Public Service Announcement: How 2 Fast-Infuse Your Booze With Nitrous

via Boing Boing Whip it Good: Here’s a fast way to infuse booze with flavors — cacao nibs, herbs, etc — using nitrous oxide and a whipped-cream maker: Put … Read More >>

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Great Bill Maher Rant About Rich People

via Boing Boing Thanks, Boing Boing. Bill Maher’s latest rant about the tax bracket changes for the very, very wealthy, is really, really  funny. And adding Ben Stein’s whining  to the party is brilliant. And as Bill makes caustically clear, … Continue reading

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New Wireless Mic for Flip Video Cameras – “Can You Hear Me Now?”

The Scosche freedomMIC for Flip Video cameras is a new wireless microphone add-on that will make you, well,  “flip”  for the enhanced performance. Sorry, bad pun. via Engadget Jump the link to …  Read More >>

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Tom the Dancing Bug: Young Abstinence Comics

via Boing Boing Another week, another slice of brilliance: Read More >>

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Rare Video Of Iggy Pop Inventing Stage-Diving In 1970

via Boing Boing Having cut my teeth on the Stooges, MC5, etc. at the glorious Grande Ballroom in Detroit back in the day, I flipped when this surfaced via Boing Boing. Richard Metzger, initially here on Dangerous Minds, says that “As far … Continue reading

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The 10 Coolest Cool Tools

via Gizmodo Kevin Kelly’s CoolTools is an indispensable resource for discovering the most important kind of gadgets of all: practical ones. Here are some of the site’s best recent finds, via the amazing folks @ Gizmodo: Read More >>

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