Facebook Rant

OK. I admit it, I do use Facebook. Usually the typical “I just took the dog for a walk” or “check out my vacation pictures” rolls off my back. Sometimes, though, I get so wired by ignorance and closed-mindedness that I have to let it out

Witness tonight. This post got me started:


Officials: Obama to reverse abortion policy – Yahoo! News

Source: news.yahoo.com

President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option, officials told The Associated Press on Friday. News, Headlines and Latest Stories on Yahoo! News

It wasn’t the article, which I welcomed with open arms. It was the response from a Facebook member who posted this response:

“What our hard earned tax money is being used for.”

So I had to weigh in. Who wouldn’t? If only the fact were so black and white.

International agencies that have continually faced family planning issues in developing nations, struggled with AIDS and lack of education, and have been crippled by a neo-fascist policy blockade spearheaded for years by whack-jobs like Jesse Helms and other so-called holier-than-thou “moralists” that say “If you dare talk about family planning choices, (including not only the “A” word, but birth control, condoms and other methods of preventing conception) you don’t get our glorious US $’s.

Instead, let’s give our “hard-earned tax dollars” to genocide-loving countries and leaders that mouth our moralist bullshit while murdering their opposition, imprisoning and torturing innocents, and use our financial and military support to maintain corrupt and repressive regimes that oppress and defile their own people.

Hundreds of thousands of unplanned, and unsustainable, children have been born, and died, on the bloody altar of “don’t ask, because we won’t let you tell.”

I say enough is enough.

Thank you, President Obama.

About Michael Farver

Ex-print media publisher & art/design guru turned passionate social activist; semi-pro chef, writer, photographer, artist, trained handler of championship Dobermans and licensed firearms expert. I split up the hours of my day serving as a spokesperson and advocate for U.S. childhood hunger solutions, as a Dad, as a Husband, and when things get too intense, I travel the country following the latest reincarnation of the Black Crowes. I'm the Immediate Past President of the Board of Florida Impact, the state’s senior legislative public policy advocacy organization, serve on the board of directors of the South Florida Hunger Coalition and Women in Distress of Broward County, am a Trustee and Director of the Farver Foundation, direct a grassroots child hunger nonprofit in South Florida and also lead XS Media Ventures, a multi-media event, promotion, business incubator, new business startup and redevelopment consulting company. I'm into everything from modern art, tiki and pop surrealism to wine collecting to vintage guitars to all things touching, and touched by, technology. For starters.
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